Termites in Home

Termites in Home

Termites in home can be a big problem for homeowners. How does this happen?

Termites in home are a direct result of temperature and humidity.

Damage from Termites in Home

Damage from Termites in Home

Temperature and humidity are two key factors when swarming termites are seen in homes. Termite swarms are usually the first signs of a termite infestation within a home. Generally termites will swarm soon after a spring rain when outside temperatures are conducive enough to trigger the event. Secondary swarms are sometimes seen days or weeks after the initial episode.

Termites in home can be alarming to the homeowner!

Given the fact that hundreds if not thousands of termites can emerge within a home, the unsuspecting homeowner can be alarmed if not downright horrified given the sheer number of termites emerging during a typical termite swarm. Swarming is sometimes a good thing, alerting the homeowner of a major infestation. While they live in the ground they are searching relentlessly for wood to feed upon, periodically returning to the soil for moisture, they work around the clock in their determination. Mud tubes indicate a travel path from ground to structure. April in New Jersey is the time of year when we see the most termite related swarms which indicate termites in home. A termite inspection by a qualified and experienced termite professional is the best way to determine if you have an infestation.

Termites in home results in termite damage

Termite damage is often discovered when renovations or home-improvements are made. It is not unusual for homeowners to be alerted by the construction professional that termite damage was uncovered during the demolition phase of a home improvement. Termites usually do damage to a home from the ground up typically attacking the exterior foundation walls first . Typically, sills, rim joists and sub flooring are the most susceptible to termite attack. If unchecked, termites can damage floor joists, girders, wall studs and even sheet rock walls. Termites are voracious eaters of anything that consists of cellulose material – wood, paper, textiles, and animal products like leather. In other words, practically nothing that is not metal, brick or cement is safe in any building from the ever-hungry termites. Unless termite infestation is prevented, it may become too difficult to salvage anything later In the worst cases, significant structural damage from termites will require repair or replacement of the damaged wood-members.

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