Termite Home Inspection

A termite home inspection is the first step in controlling your home from a termite infestation. Watch Termidor’s® video below to learn what North Jersey Termite will be looking for during your termite home inspection.

Termite Home Inspection by North Jersey Termite

Termite Home Inspection – What we look for

(video transcript)

Protecting Your Home Starts with a Professional Home Inspection

“Hey, Linda, you find any problems?”

“Not yet, but I just got started.”

“What are you looking for, exactly?”

“I’m looking for signs of termites, which are little bugs about the size of ants.”

“They eat wood, right?”

“Anything with cellulose: flooring, the paper backing on sheet rock, wallpaper, they’ll eat art and antiques, some plastics, even carpeting and clothing.”

“They can eat your whole house?”

“If you don’t find them and eradicate them, then you’re not far off.”

“Are there a lot of termites in this part of the country?”

“Termites are a threat in every part of the country, except for Alaska.”

“Does it matter what type of house I have?”

“Pretty much every home is at risk. Termites cause billions of dollars in property damage every year – damage that homeowners’ insurance usually doesn’t cover.”

“I did not know that.”

“But how do they get into the house, anyway?”

“All they need to find is a tiny crack, and what they’re looking for is moisture, like in this dirt-filled porch, here. Underneath, it’s dark and moist, pretty much a welcome mat for termites. They can tunnel underground, and come up in basements and in crawl spaces through cracks in your foundation and around windows. And any wood lying on the ground against your house can help termites find access.”

“So how do I know if I have them (termites)?”

“It’s almost impossible for the untrained eye to see. There are a few signs that you might notice: Either active swarmers, or piles of discarded wings. Also you might see damage in the wooden components: the baseboards and the flooring. They’ll look like little pinholes in the wood, and you might see pencil-thin mud or shelter tubes running from the ground up to a wood surface. Termites like dark, moist conditions, and they build these tubes to travel from the ground to food and shelter.”



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