Solution to Termites by Termidor®

The solution to termites is simple. Discover why Termidor’s ® “Transfer Effect™” is your best defense against a termite infestation.

Termidor® - The Solution to Termites

Solution to Termites by Termidor®

(video transcription)

“Termidor® is the ultimate weapon in fighting termites. It’s the most effective choice available.”

“Why does Termidor® work so well?”

“Good question! We actually found a way to use the natural behavior of the termites to help control them. The termites will get into the Termidor® and we use what’s called the Transfer Effect™ to transfer the Termidor® from termite to termite and help control the population. They’re very social insects; they groom each other, they communicate, continually, they crawl all over each other in the colony.”

“They’re party animals!”

“You know, that’s exactly right. And they will unknowingly get into the Termidor®, and then transfer that, and we’ll get control of them that way.

“Which is bad for them.”

“Very bad, because it helps make Termidor® work very well.”

“So, if Termidor® is so effective, why would anyone choose anything else?”

“Well, other products do claim to be almost as good as Termidor®, but when consumers do a little bit of research and kind of look into it, they’ll find out that they do have some other weaknesses.”

“Like what?”

“Well, baiting systems, for example, are labor-intensive, they take a lot of time, and there really is no guarantee that termites on the property or on the structure will ever find the station. And if they do find the station, and they start the baiting process, it could take many months before you actually get to control that you want of the home.”

“If baits have problems, what else is out there?”

“Well there’s technology called ‘repellents’ where they put the material in the soil around the home and it repels the termites. But if termites were already in the home, it may just trap them inside that and that can lead to more damage.”

“That would not be good.”

“No it’s not, and another thing that may happen, is there may be gaps or inconsistencies in the treatment in the soil, and if that’s the case, the termites, since they’re not actually being reduced in numbers, they may be able to find a way to enter through that barrier into the structure and cause more damage.”

“But we don’t have to worry about that with Termidor®”

“No, and because Termidor® is an undetectable treatment, there’s no waiting for the termites to find it, there’s no way they’re going to avoid the treatment, and there’s no way we’re going to trap them inside the structure to cause problems.”

“Sounds like an easy choice.”

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