Termidor Versus Termite Bait Systems

Termidor Versus Termite Bait Systems: We can help you make the right decision

Termidor Versus Termite Bait Systems

Termidor Versus Termite Bait Systems

Your home is probably the largest, most expensive single purchase you will ever make. It’s probably your single biggest investment, too. And to think that it can be heavily damaged by little, hard working insects – that’s just scary.

You need to take steps to protect your home before termites can damage it. A good place to start is to educate yourself on the options you have available.

Here, you will learn about Termidor versus termite bait stations. We feel Termidor is the in termite control.

The “Transfer Effect” of Termidor Controls the Whole Colony in 3 Months or Less!

Termidor Versus Termite Bait Systems Transfer-Effect™Termites feed each other primarily by passing food from mouth to mouth. They also groom each other, cleaning off soil microbes and other particles. As they feed and groom, they repeatedly come into contact with each other. Termidor takes advantage of these social behaviors.

Through digging, termites will ingest Termidor. Along with this, they will unknowingly pick up Termidor and carry it back to the colony on its body. Eventually, every termite that one feeds or grooms will come into contact with the Termidor, and will also become a carrier, contacting and “infecting” others. This is what we call the “Transfer Effect”.

Here’s another unique point about Termidor. It is slow acting. It doesn’t immediately kill the termites that contact it. This allows the “infected” termites to continue their normal routine of feeding, grooming, digging and so on, transferring the Termidor to a large number of other termites in the colony.

All of this results in unparaleled termite control. Seven years of test data show Termidor to be 100% effective. And it provides 100% protection in 3 months or less. That’s 2 to 6 times faster than bait systems!


Termidor Versus Termite Bait Systems Comparison

The Termidor Zone vs. Bait System Recruiting:


Day One


A Few Days Later:


3 Months


Interesting Facts About Termidor

  • Termidor does not require any special new equipment to apply. The same equipment PCO’s have been using for years is all that’s required.
  • 100 gallons of Termidor solution contains only 8.4 ounces of the active ingredient! (When mixed at the label rate of .06% WG formulation)
  • Termidor is not affected by debris, dryness, insects, or fungal decay.
  • The odds of termites wandering into a Termidor zone are much greater than wandering into a bait or monitoring station.
  • Termidor is effective with all types of soil, in all kinds of climates, and on many species of termites.

After considering the facts surrounding Termidor versus termite bait systems, are you still not sure? Give us a call!




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