Termite Treatment Options

What are the best termite treatment options available to you? Watch this video to find out.

Termite Treatment Options Offered by North Jersey Termite

Termite Treatment Options

(video transcription)

“Nobody wants to get the news that they have termites. But if they do, there is an excellent treatment option out there.

So, Linda, what if we don’t see signs of termites?”

“Well it doesn’t mean that they’re not here doing damage. A complete home inspection by a pest management professional is the only true way to know whether there are termites in your home doing damage.”

“And if you find some…”

“If we find termites then we treat right away. It used to be there were only two treatments: bait systems and then old-fashioned repellents. Unfortunately, both of these treatments have weaknesses that make complete termite control difficult to achieve.”

“And now?”

“Now we have Termidor®! It’s an undetectable treatment, which means the termites can’t detect it and would avoid it. Termites who come in contact with Termidor® transfer it to the entire population, and then the whole problem is wiped out.”

“You don’t have to worry about any gaps in coverage, or missing any bugs?”

“Not at all. Studies of real world results have shown that nothing is as effective as Termidor® at eliminating 100% of termites.

“That sounds good!”

“That’s why it’s America’s number 1 termite defense product!”

“Isn’t there some way to prevent termites from attacking my house in the first place?”

“Well these homeowners have taken a step in that direction by calling me out here to do an inspection of their home. If my inspection shows that there is no termite activity, then that’s the perfect time to apply a preventative application of Termidor®. Termidor®, along with annual inspections from a pest professional, can keep termites from damaging your house as long as you live in it.”

“Thanks, Linda”

“I’m glad to help!”



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