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  • "...we've been termite free since then. That's 30 years!"

  • "...has been excellent in his warranty coverage and yearly inspections"

  • "16 years and Ed is always prompt"

  • "...was so impressed with Ed that I wanted to post my story. Very honest guy"

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North Jersey Termite

Termite control servicing Bergen, Passaic, Morris, and Essex Counties in New Jersey

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In any service business there is absolutely no substitute for experience and customer satisfaction. It isn’t merely a coincidence that we have the highest Independent customer satisfaction ratings in North Jersey. It’s simply because we are very good at what we do. Specifically, termite and Ant control treatments. Our termite inspections are made by NJPMA Credentialed Inspectors with decades of experience. Click the link below to see what our customers are saying...

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Facts about Termites: Watch the provided videos, download the brochures, and visit the linked articles to learn everything you need to know to ac

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Introducing Termidor

Where you live, termites are a fact of life. Introducing Termidor®! Now 100% control of termites is a fact of life, too. Introducing Termidor