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2022 Termite Company Reviews

May, 2022

It’s rare to find a person like Ed with such integrity and honesty. He came over the same day I called and did an inspection after another service told us we had a problem with termites. He found that in the area we were told a problem existed that it was not termites and we did not have a problem. Ed is an experienced professional that you can trust to tell it like it is. I would highly recommend you call him for help.

by Dan Lorenz -Google

2021 Termite Company Reviews

August, 2021

As a homeowner you don’t want to hear ever that you need treat your house for termite but I could find something just to hire Mr. Assidio. He makes this process unnoticeable, extremely professional, affordable and super punctual.

by Carla J. Dominguez -Google

2020 Termite Company Reviews

June, 2020

Ed at North Jersey Termite provides an excellent service. It was almost 20 years ago that he treated my home for carpenter ants, and since then has been doing annual inspections. He comes on time, does a thorough inspection, and the one time we had signs of more bugs he handled it quickly. I’d recommend his company to anyone.

by Lee Browning -Google

April, 2020

Ed at North Jersey Termite is experienced, honest, and fair. I’ve recommended him to my best friend and my mother knowing that they would be in capable hands. Ed is thorough and gets the job done right.

by Mary S -Google

2018 Termite Company Reviews

May, 2018

I needed a termite inspection and was thankfully referred to Ed. I
needed it right away, and he was able to squeeze me in the next day.
While he was doing the inspection, I told him about an ant problem I
was having. He could have easily charged me and fixed the problem, but
he told me how to easily do it myself. Great, trustworthy guy. I
highly recommend him.

by Michael Austin -Google

February, 2018

Quick, honest and good. What else could you ask for?

by Nathan Harrison -Google

2016 Termite Company Reviews

July 30, 2016

“We have been using North Jersey Termite for 30 years. Ed has been
consistently professional on every visit to our home. He has always been
both friendly and thorough on every visit. Unlike other service
contractors, Ed not only keeps his appointment, he shows up on time and
takes his time during every inspection. He answers any questions or
concerns we may have and he is always mindful of any pets or children that
may possibly get in contact with a treated area. We only wish there were
more stars availabale to give him on this rating.”

Susan Whelan -Google.com

July 9, 2016

“This firm has taken care of my property for over 16 years. Always
professional. On time. Fairly priced. Once a year inspections that are
thorough. If you have a problem during the year, always available and
successful in eliminating the pests involved. One of the finest vendors I
deal with in New Jersey. No one else comes close. Highly recommend!”

Sheldon Saliman -Google.com

June 14, 2016

“Six years ago North Jersey Termite treated our home in Demarest New
Jersey. Sine that time we haven’t seen one termite in or near our home.
Previous to the treatment we had termite breakout yearly. We could not be
happier with the exceptional service and results.”

Frank Bolella -Google.com

May 9, 2016

“Experienced a “challenge” with our outdoor deck in 2011. Contacted North
Jersey Termite and spoke with Ed regarding our “emergency”….he was at
our home in less than an hour….sized up the situation and advised what
needed to be done and how he was going eliminate the problem. I found Ed
to be highly professional, courteous, knowledgeable and cost
friendly…..but most of all he truly CARES…mission accomplished. As a
result, we signed up for the annual service and have been with North
Jersey Termite ever since….we recommend Ed and his company without
qualification “

Rob Blackwell -Superpages.com

2015 Termite Company Reviews

Oct 28, 2015


JACK -Superpages.com

Aug 6, 2015

“Aug. 6, 2014 Ed came today to do our yearly termite inspection. I
originally called North Jersey Termite 5 years ago when it was discovered
we had termites. At the time I got three estimates. Ed’s was not only
reasonable but completely thorough. We have not had a problem in all these
years and Ed comes yearly to due the inspection. He has also been
extremely helpful in guiding us with an ant problem. I would highly
recommend Ed’s North Jersey Termite service to anyone who feels they may
have a problem. He will come out and evaluate and treat your problem
successfully. We haven’t had an issue since he came years ago.”

by anonymous -Superpages.com

Jul 28, 2015

“We have been using Ed for the past 25 years. We are on our 3rd house and
Ed keeps it bug free for us. His service is fantastic and he instantly
takes care of any wood destroying bug problem that comes up. We highly
recommend North Jersey Termite.”

by irafish -Superpages.com

May 28, 2015

“About seven years ago we called on Ed to take care of a termite problem.
Ed responded to the call quickly and courteously. He was knowledgeable and
professional. He explained the product he would use and how he would go
about applying it. Since the initial application, Ed has come back for a
yearly inspection. We have not seen a return of the problem. Needless to
say we are very satisfied with the results. We highly recommend North
Jersey Termite.”

by anonymous -Superpages.com

2014 Termite Company Reviews

Oct 23, 2014

“I have known Ed Assidio for 35 years now and have used his inspection,
extermination and prevention services in four houses. He is trustworthy,
honest and provides peace of mind as well as reliable service. Tim

by anonymous -Superpages.com

Oct 21, 2014

“We have had Ed treat our home for termites back in 1998. We see Ed
yearly for our annual inspections. We have had no termite issues since
1998. He is prompt, courteous and very professional. We highly recommend
his services.”

by anonymous -Superpages.com

Oct 10, 2014

“I have been using the services of North Jersey Termite for over 22
years. This service has prevented any infestation from entering into my
home. I live in the northern section of NJ and surrounded by wooded areas.
This service been there promptly every time I called and my home has been
free from termites and any other type of bugs which may cause damage. If
you use North Jersey Termite you will find that the service is honest and
you will only charge for work done and will not do anything which is not
needed. Make the call”

by rp3553 -Superpages.com

Oct 8, 2014

“Before I bought my home in Wayne 12 years ago, the inspector found some
termite trails. Ed performed the treatment and has been doing yearly
inspections since then. No trace of the little buggers since. He is prompt
, courteous and friendly.I look forward to seeing him every year. Once I
had issue with ants and he took care of that problem for me also. Even
referred me to someone when I had a hornets nest low in one of my trees. I
highly recommend his services to everyone.”

by anonymous -Superpages.com

Oct 6, 2014

“We have had North Jersey Termite as our termite control expert since our
first attack more than 15 years ago. Ed came in surveyed the problem &
outlined a treatment plan. We had another outbreak several years later in
an internal garage wall. Ed treated that area and we have not had a
problem since. He comes once a year to do a complete inspection. When he
makes an appointment he keeps it. He also looks for other problems, we had
a problem with carpenter ants once & he offers solutions that are
quick and effective. I would recommend him to friends & family”

by anonymous -Superpages.com

Sep 30, 2014

“We purchased our home in Wayne in 1984. Ed did the termite inspection
prior to the purchase and treated our home for an infestation. He has come
every year for our annual inspection and we’ve been termite free since
then. That’s 30 years! He is extremely professional, easy to make an
appointment with, always prompt and courteous, and qualified. We highly
recommend North Jersey Termite.”

by anonymous -Superpages.com

Sep 19, 2014

“We have owned our house in Haskell, New Jersey for over 21 years. Ed
performed the initial inspection and has been excellent in his warranty
coverage and yearly inspections. Any problems that we have had in the past
with any type of infestations was taken care IMMEDIATELY. He is friendly,
easily accessible and very generous sharing his knowledge regarding
preventive maintenance. I would not want to use anyone else in the pest
control business!”

by anonymous -Superpages.com

Sep 3, 2014

“We have lived in our Pompton Lakes home for over 19 years. Ed performed
the Initial inspection and we have been using him every year for our
annual inspections. Over the years we also had problems with house ants
and bees and Ed came right over to solve the problem. Ed also takes the
time to explain why the problem is occurring and what he is going to do to
solve it. I highly recommend North Jersey Termite”

by anonymous -Superpages.com

Aug 24, 2014

“We have been using Ed since we bought our first home over 32 years ago!
We couldn’t ask for a more fair, knowledable and professional termite and
bug inspector! We have moved several times over the years and we wouldn’t
use anyone but Ed! He has become a friend and we look forward to our
annual inspection so that we can catch up. If there is ever a problem, Ed
is there within a day to evaluate and treat the problem. We highly
recommend North Jersey Terminte! Kent and Lisa”

by lewardley -Superpages.com

Aug 22, 2014

“Grade A + I highly recommend North Jersey Termite. A year after I
purchased my home in Ramsey my daughter found “little bugs with wings”
boring holes through the paneling in the basement. Ed responded quickly to
my call for help. He worked very hard in setting up the chemical all along
the perimeter of the house. The following year, he returned for a check up
and once again had to treat for termites. He told me that it was very
unusual and that I fell in an outlier for those who needed to be treated
again following initial treatment. I don’t remember paying for the second
treatment! He said it was included in the follow up visit. Ed wants you to
be educated and explains things thoroughly, about both the pests and the
chemicals to get rid of them. He is truly a professional who provides
great service at a reasonable price”

by anonymous -Superpages.com

Aug 18, 2014

“Ed is simply the best! About three years ago we realized we had a major
carpenter ant infestation. They were both inside and outside our house! I
started my research for someone who could fix the problem. I called Ed
because he had such strong customer recommendations and such an
informative website. I was impressed from the second he answered the phone
and he was at my house the next day. He’s prompt, efficient and a real
straight shooter! No hard sell. No up sell. Just gets the job done. And,
we have no ants! I called Ed a couple of days ago because my husband
discovered some carpenter bees in a deck joist. I couldn’t imagine who
else to call for advice even though Ed says he’s the ant and termite guy.
My husband had already taken some steps that should address the problem,
at least for this season. Although we were likely on the right track, Ed
stopped by just to make sure. I can’t remember having service this good
since the old days when my family doctor made house calls!”

by barbcwhite -Superpages.com

Aug 13, 2014

“I wood highly recommend North Jersey Termite. I met Ed October 1998 when
buying my home. He treated the home for termites and carpenter ants. Its
been 16 years and Ed is always prompt, on time , informative for annual
termite inspection .”

by fredpeters246 -Superpages.com

Feb 25,2014

“We have used North Jersey Termite for years and recommended them to
friends many times. Ed is professional, courteous and gets the job done

by cntfraind -Superpages.com

2012 Termite Company Reviews

Nov 10, 2012

“Several years ago on a Sunday morning, we woke up to termites in our
laundry room. We tried to contact the so called “big experts” (not knowing
any better) and got no response. We called Ed and he was there right away,
explained what he could do, put it in writing and corrected our problem by
the next day. Since then, we have renewed our contract with him annually
and have had no more problems. He is very professional, personable,
reliable and competent. We have recommended him many times. We recently
sold our home and he provided us with all necessary documentation for the
new owner. We recommended him highly to anyone who needs his excellent
service. Thank you, Ed, very much. Steve and Vickye”

by anonymous -Superpages.com

Oct 26, 2012

“I have had a business relationship with Ed for the past 27 years .Ed has
treated our previous and current home for termites . I see him each year
for our annual inspection. He is very knowledgable and professional in his
field. I would highly recommend his company. Montville”

by anonymous -Superpages.com

Oct 15, 2012

“Ed treated my home prior to my purchase. He honored the Agreement of the
previous home owner and no sign of new termite activity has been
discovered. I see Ed each year for the annual inspection service. He does
a thorough inspection and is a terrific guy. I highly recommend North
Jersey Termite”

by anonymous -Superpages.com

Aug 28, 2012

“Ed has been treating my home annually ever since I bought it in 2001with
the annual preventive maintenance plan he recomended. I am happy to say
that I have had no problem whatsoever since. Especially since my home had
a history of termites with the previous owner. Ed provides warm and
friendly service and is 100% reliable. We usually have a cup of fresh
Colombian Java together on his visit (he loves fresh coffee). I highly
recommend him to anyone who may need his servces…Nick Chulani”

by nchulani -Superpages.com

2011 Termite Company Reviews

May 13, 2011

“Ed had treated our home for termites in 1985. No signs of new termite
activity have ever been discovered during his yearly check-up’s. Ed has
done a terrific job and we see him each year for the annual inspection
service. Highly recommended professional.”

by Guest27232 -Superpages.com

Apr 25, 2011

“Have a contract with a large pest control company. They did an
inspection free of charge in which they concluded my house was infested
with termites! I called North Jersey Termite for a second opinion based on
the reviews below. Ed came out within the hour and had “good news, no
termites, just water damage”. The large pest control company was trying to
take advantage. I never write reviews but was so impressed with Ed that I
wanted to post my story. Very honest guy and has been in the business for
many years.”

by shahlaw -Superpages.com

2010 Termite Company Reviews

May 10, 2010

“When we bought our house 1983 years ago the house inspector found that
the house had termites. North Jersey Termite came in and treated them and
we have not had any problem since. Ed has given us great service for the
past 27 years. We highly recommend North Jersey Termite.”

by Cheryl Arthur in Wayne, NJ -Merchantcircle.com

Apr 30, 2010

“I was so worried when I saw termites flying around my front entrance in
the spring of 1999. A friend recommended Ed, president of North Jersey
Termite. He got rid of the termites quickly and has inspected my home
every spring. I would definitely recommend Ed because of his extensive
knowledge of pests and because he is dependable, professional and
trustworthy. J. Grace”

by jag -Superpages.com

Apr 28, 2010

“Ed treated our home for termites almost 20 years ago and we have not had
a problem since. I look forward to his annual visits knowing he will deal
with the problem if it should reoccur. He is knowledgeable, sincere,
honest and friendly. I recommend him highly to all homeowners who want the
security of knowing their homes are pest free. Jc”

by judy -Superpages.com

Apr 27, 2010

“Ed is only a telephone call away. I have been depending on him for 15
years now. He is a professional trusted gentlemen. He won’t try to sell
you something you don’t need.”

by Margie -Google.com

Apr 27, 2010

“Glad to know Ed is only a phone call away. Very
dependable,professional,trustworthy.No more termites thanks to Ed. Doing
business with him close to 20 years now. Highly recommend this

by Guest14649 -Superpages.com

Apr 22, 2010

“All of a sudden we had a termite problem. I called a neighbor who is
also a realtor, and he recommended North Jersey Termite. Ed was courteous,
very prompt, professional in all ways, and answered my many questions
patiently. This was years ago. Each year when he comes to reinspect, I
always find the same excellent service, and he continues to patiently
answer my unending list of questions.”

by Guest81085 -Superpages.com

Mar 23, 2010

“I have been a customer of North Jersey Termite for 15 years. When I
bought my home there had been signs of previous termite activity. Ed
treated my house to make certain the termites were gone and would not come
back. I use North Jersey Termites annual warranty program and my home has
been inspected every year since, if any new activity is found, North
Jersey Termite warranty covers the treatment. Reliable and responsive
service that’s hard to find.”

by BL from Pompton Plains, NJ -Superpages.com

Mar 10, 2010

“When we discovered we had termites, we called Ed for help. He responded
promptly, and effectively eliminated every sign of termite infestation. Ed
comes back each year to make certain there are no termites. His prices are
reasonable, his service is impeccable and he is a dedicated professional.
I highly recommend him to anyone who even suspects they have

by Guest12386 -Superpages.com

Mar 4, 2010

“When we bought our house we discovered termites which the previous
owners had treated as part of the agreement. Well, needless to say, they
weren’t treated properly and we still had termites. We had Ed come from
North Jersey Termite and treat the house and since then, we’ve never had a
reoccurrence!! Ed comes every year for an inspection. He is always prompt
and professional. I would highly recommend North Jersey Termite!!!!!.”

by Guest07568 -Superpages.com

Feb 9, 2010

“I live in a townhome community in Wayne, N.J. and North Jersey Termite
has been servicing the complex for many years. Overall a great experience
dealing with great people. Very honest, professional and reliable. It is
always good to deal with people that you can trust.Most importantly – NO

by Guest18469 -Superpages.com

2008 Termite Company Reviews

Jun 20, 2008

“Good, prompt reliable service. Highly recommended.”

by Guest00618 -Superpages.com

May 21, 2008

“Ed does the job right the first time. I have used has services for
treatments at two homes over that last five years. I highly recommend

by Guest08643 -Superpages.com

Apr 23, 2008

“Very prompt and professional service. Explained the problem and the
treatment process in detail. Guaranteed the work and charged reasonable
rates. Continues to provide yearly inspection and guarantee for a nominal
fee. Very satisfied and haven’t seen termites in the house since the
treatment. Highly recommended.”

by Guest97757 -Superpages.com

Apr 22, 2008

“if you are looking for professional, courteous and dependable service,
North Jersey Termite is the place you’ve been seeking. I’ve used this
company’s service for more than 10 years with total satisfaction. No
broken or no-show appts, performance that guarantees its services &
competitive pricing. Just a service company that is honest &
dependable, North Jersey Termite.”

by richier -Superpages.com

Apr 19, 2008

“North Jersey Termite solved my problem instantly. I had a swarm of
termites in my daughter’s bedroom one spring and called another
exterminator who set traps with bait. Next spring they swarmed again, so I
called North Jersey. Ed was very knowledgeable, highly professional, no
hard sell, just explained the treatment and his guarantee. One treatment
took care of the problem. The annual check-up service is equally punctual
and professional. Years later still not one termite. Would highly
recommend them. Next house I buy, I’m calling them right away.”

by playboater -Superpages.com

Apr 16, 2008

“I have been a customer of North Jersey Termite for over 24 years. He was
referred to me by a reputable lawyer after I purchased my first home and I
have been highly recommending him ever since to family and friends. All of
my referrals have been very happy with him. He is very detailed oriented,
prompt and gets the job done right the first time.”

By JD -Superpages.com

Apr 15, 2008

“We contacted NJ Termite several years ago, after not being satisfied
with the service of our prior pest control company. The service we were
now getting from Ed’s company as compared to our old company was like
night and day. NJT provided us a much more complete and thorough service
that left us feeling confident that all issues have been addressed and
properly resolved. Their service is reliable and the results are
effective. The service personnel is always professional, friendly and
personable. We have an annual insurance plan with them as well for both
termites and carpenter ants. They have done a terrific job at monitoring
and inspecting our home over the years, and have always given us a strong
sense of security that we have the ‘pests’ under control. We highly
recommend NJ Termite !”

by peter p. -Superpages.com

Apr 3, 2008

“Ed Assidio was here to rid me of carpenter ants. He was very
proffesional, thorough, and most important, very reliable.”

by Guest01652 -Superpages.com

Apr 2, 2008

“I would highly recommend North Jersey for termite problems. I’ve used Ed
for 10 years and his knowledge, dedication to solving pest problems and
level of attentiveness and service has been exemplary.”

by Joe-P -Superpages.com

Mar 29, 2008

“I Highly recommend North Jersey Termite. With all the nonsense
franchises in the area, it was a pleasure to find a company with the
experience, knowledge and dependability to solve a devastating condition.
Their professionalism, expert techinical advice and reasonable rates will
be welcome by anyone with an infestation problem.”

by gregg -Superpages.com

Mar 19, 2008

“For a number of years I had a bad termite infestation problem.
Exterminators that I hired were never able to fix the problem. North
Jerseey Termite was recommended to me. After one treatment the termites
disappeared and have not returned. This is the type of service you want
from and exterminator; effective, timely and at a reasonable price. I
would highly recommend North Jersey Termite to anyone who has a Termite

by GRL -Superpages.com

Feb 25, 2008

“We tried other exterminators but we continued to have termite swarms
every spring. Since we hired North Jersey, the termites that no one could
get rid of suddenly disappeared. They were very professional and provided
excellent quality of work and I truly would recommend them.”

by Guest14115 -Superpages.com

Feb 9, 2008

“Had a swarm of termites invade our new home on a Monday evening (5:45
p.m.). Called exterminators in the area, but no one would come (earliest
appointment offered was a week later). North Jersey Termite came within
the hour. A temporary treatment was performed and they came back later in
the week to follow up. The owner said he keeps his phone on at all times,
and is available 24/7. Have not seen a termite since the treatment. There
is a 5-year guarantee.”

by Gail Losak, Woodcliff Lake, NJ -Superpages.com and Angieslist.com

Jan 18, 2008

“Knowledgeable, reliable, fair prices, and honest. I recommend them

by Guest95932 -Superpages.com

“I’ve rarely seen someone tell me that I don’t need their services but
that’s exactly what Ed recommended. I was interested in preventive
measures as well as some other things and he actually talked me out of
becoming his customer and gave me good information on another burning
question I had. You don’t see honesty and integrity much anymore. Usually
people are jumping to milk one as much as they can and I was delightfully
surprised just now. I will keep him in my files for future reference.”


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