Peace of Mind with Termidor®

Termidor® gives you peace of mind knowing that the termites are gone!

Peace of mInd with North Jersey Termite

Peace of Mind with Termidor®

(video transcription)

“Imagine having your home inspected, and finding out you have termites, and they’re eating your house. That’s what happened to Jennifer and David”

“What did you guys do when you actually found out that you had termites?”

Jennifer: “I panicked. I absolutely panicked.”

David: “We were not happy.”

Jennifer: “No. Mmm hmm.”

“How did you feel?”

Jennifer: “Oh I felt sick to my stomach. To think that something’s destroying your home and you have no idea…and then the fact that they were bugs. Just gross.”

David: “She really hates bugs.”

Jennifer: “Yeah.”

David: “Now she found out that termites are eating our house; she was not happy.”

Jennifer: “It was not funny. It was not funny.”

David: “No, it wasn’t. They, ah, they ate a support beam on the corner of the house, and caused some damage, and it looked like Swiss cheese.”

“But you guys have actually treated your house, now, right?

Jennifer: “Oh, yeah.”

David: “When we treated the outside of the house with Termidor®, ah, what about two months ago?”

Jennifer: “Three months. Three months and we’re termite-free.”

David: “We’re actually pretty lucky. Linda found the damage early, and she was able to treat it with Termidor®, and fix the damage, and we’re okay, now.”

Jennifer: “I’ve had a few sleepless nights, but now that we have the professional termite inspection plan in place, I mean that’s peace of mind right there.”

David: “I’m a developer, and I now know how to protect the homes that I build with a preventative Termidor® treatment. And I’m very happy about that.”

Jennifer: “No more termites.”

David: “No more termites.”

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