Termite Swarm Season

Termite Swarm Season

It’s termite swarm season! Termite swarm season in New Jersey generally runs from the middle of February into late June or early July. However, termites can swarm at just about any time of the year. Swarming termites may be more prevalent in years where we experience excessive late winter snow-fall or excessive spring rains.

Termite Swarm

Termite Swarm photo courtesy of: B.R.HILLS, 24th April 2007 https://www.flickr.com/photos/ganeshbrhills/474025582

Termite swarm activity is usually triggered by warmer temperatures and the onset of spring.

Spring is also the time of year when winged termites begin to show up in the living spaces of homes. “Winged swarmers” or “winged reproductives” as they are often referred to emerge from colonies during daylight hours usually on a warm, sunny morning or mild-afternoon. Most termite swarms last less than a half hour and homeowners may experience additional termite swarm episodes from days to weeks after the initial episode.

Mating occurs during these flights as new colonies are formed. Termites can be identified by the way they look. Termites, (winged, black insects about ¼ inch long) unlike ants, have no segmentation in their bodies and their wings are the same in length. Homeowners discover that they have a termite problem when they find termite swarmers in their home. The wings break off after swarming.

Subterranean termites are the most destructive and common termite in the state. Winged swarmers, mud tubes and wood damage are signs that you have a problem.. Our Facts about Termites page has plenty of useful information, photo images, videos, and relevant links regarding termite identification, biology and control.

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