Termite Exterminator

Termite Exterminator

What makes a great termite exterminator?

termite exterminator questionExperience is what separates a good termite exterminator from the not-so-good termite exterminator. Like medical doctors, there are general practice or family physicians as well as medical specialists. Like doctors, pest control companies are generally considered full service businesses. Dealing with a variety of issues from roaches to bed bugs to bees and rodents. On the other hand, we at North Jersey Termite are very different in our approach. Unlike the vast majority of other Pest Control firms that offer a wide variety of services, we at North Jersey Termite are highly specialized in our field of expertise as a “Termite Exterminator. Exclusively dealing with termite and ant control treatments, wood-destroying insect inspection reports and treatment certifications and warranties for home closings.

Your North Jersey Termite Exterminator Offers Different Treatment Options for the Best Termite Control

There are a number of treatment options available to the termite exterminator. The primary being liquid (We treat actively foraging termites using Termidor®) and the other being Termite Baits (we use the Advance™ Termite monitoring and baiting system). To a lesser degree, wood-treatment and wall void foam injection methods also play a role in termite eradication. When we want to maximize horizontal coverage to specific areas, [e.g. on sill plates and around wall studs] a foam treatment both protects and provides the best coverage of imbedded termite infestations both on and inside the woods surface. Our company has been committed to 100% customer satisfaction. When looking for a competent termite exterminator, take a good look at us. Thousands of our customers have entrusted us to remedy there termite and carpenter ant pest problems. Shouldn’t you be one?



For a FREE EVALUATION of any TERMITE problem

Call North Jersey Termite at (973) 839-9004 or (201) 337-5009 or send an email to northjerseytermite@gmail.com

A representative will schedule a comprehensive examination of your home or business. North Jersey Termite will do the following:

  1. Set an appointment to evaluate your termite control concerns.
  2. Point out specific areas of concern including visible infestation or visible termite damage.
  3. Outline a treatment plan that will solve the problem(s).
  4. Leave you with a written proposal including a price quote for any treatment we recommend.

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